Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract Dosage

Green coffee bean extract is one of the ongoing weight loss supplements that has held a strong popularity since the release of a study in 2012 which supported its efficacy for marked weight loss. The study was done by The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, headed by Dr. Joe Vinson who presented their findings to the American Chemical Society (ACS) in early 2012. Following this announcement, the green coffee bean extract gained further popularity when it was discussed on multiple episodes of the popular daytime television doctor, Dr. Oz.


Fresh green coffee beans can be purchased online, which you could grind and brew at home, but this is not a common method as coffee made from green coffee beans either has an extremely bitter taste, or no taste at all. The fresh green coffee beans on the market are typically sold to people who want to do home roasting of their own traditional roast coffee for home brewing.

The most common form of green coffee bean supplementation for weight loss is in the form of capsules. Green coffee bean extract capsules can be purchased online in doses of 200 mg, 400 mg, 500mg, 800 mg and 1600 mg. With so many different dosages available, how can consumers know which one is the best to spur the most weight loss?

Scientific Research

In the University of Scranton study by Dr. Joe Vinson, there were multiple dosages used for the study. One group of participants took a lower dose, taking two 350mg tablets per day for a total of 700 mg per day. The high dose group of the study took 350 mg three times every day, which is 1050 mg total per day. Both of the groups lost weight.

In the Dr. Oz “Green Coffee Bean Project”, 100 volunteer viewers tested the supplement and they did lose more weight than the placebo group over a two week period. They were given 400 mg tablets three times a day, for a total of 1200 mg per day.

Popular green coffee bean extract capsule manufacturers recommend the same dosage used by the Dr. Oz program.

What’s Best?


Since the active ingredient that facilitates weight loss in the green coffee bean extract is working on your metabolic rate, you do need to take multiple capsules a day. Taking only one a day will not only lessen the positive ongoing effects to your metabolism, but it could also worsen the caffeine-related negative side effects of the supplement such as jitteriness, nervousness and insomnia. The dosage that is most commonly recommended is the 400 mg tablets, three times a day.

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