Vainglory App for Android

Android Mobile phones have become increasingly powerful over the years, with impressive specs under the hood that is more than capable of playing a plethora of games.

Android game developers are striving to put out games that make use of the powerful hardware in Android mobile phones. There are many genres of games out there, but we will be focusing on only one: MOBA.

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Now, why am I talking about a MOBA game for Android? Well, because MOBA games have increased in popularity through the years.

Today, we are going to talk about the Vainglory App for Android. It has been touted as one of the best MOBA games for the Android platform. Here are the features of the game:

  • Dive into a complete MOBA by veteran developers from top AAA studios.
  • Immerse yourself in a stunning world with ultra-high fidelity graphics.
  • Play with precision controls that amplify your skill.
  • Blaze through fast-paced, 20-minute matches.
  • Explore immense variety and flexibility in item builds for each hero.
  • True laning, ganking/objective-taking and team fighting phases.
  • Party up with friends or follow matches in spectator mode.
  • Collect cards and trade them in for three tiers of hero skins!
  • New heroes and features coming regularly.

Vainglory App for Android mobile phones is an amazing MOBA game and that it is a full-fledged MOBA game for a mobile device. You can play an amazingly exciting MOBA game anywhere you go.

You can party up with friends or with different communities and the matches span from 20-25 minutes at most. The graphics of the game is also quite superb. It really showcases the powerful hardware most Android mobile phones nowadays have.

The game Vainglory allows you to choose your champion. There are a lot of characters to choose from, each having their own unique abilities. Not only that but the game developers are working round the clock to fix any in-game issues and also add new content from time to time.

In fact, players who have played this game for a while now said that the game developers actually listen to the players and they always give what the players want.

Any in-game issue, once reported, is quickly acted upon and patched in just a few days.

The players have also noted that Vainglory is truly a great MOBA game. All of the elements of a good MOBA game are in here: true lanes, ganking, minions, and so much more. The ultimate objective of the game? Destroy the enemy’s crystal that is located at the heart of their base.

If you’re a heavy fan of PC MOBA games such as Dota 2 or League of Legends, then the Vainglory App for Android is the closest thing you can get for a MOBA experience in a mobile phone.

Winning is also sweeter in Vainglory because you will get coins that you can exchange for more hero skins. Hero skins customize the appearance of your champion and it is a testament of how good you are.


The Vainglory App for Android is free to play with various in-app purchases. You can download the game for any Android Mobile Phone above 2014 and you can get this app from the Google Play Store.

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